Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scalextric Cadillac Northstar LMP No1

Cadillac LMP

Scalextric built this commemorative racer based on Slot Cars Racing Magazine, MODEL CAR RACING.
Scalextric goes Fly! Scalextric is operation on the market of Fly with the production of the Cadillac Northstar Le Mans (GM racing No 1 and Dams No 3).

Slot cars are very detailed

These two slot cars are very detailed and realistic executed by Scalextric. The cars, with working headlights, are almost too beautiful to use it on the track, but that would be a waste.

Racing Performance

The racing performance of these cars is great. If you want to buy a new slot car and you cannot make up your mind, than I suggest buying the Scalextric Cadillac LMP. You won't regret it.

From Home RACING World ---

Scalextric employed the inline drive system with their standard motor coupled with a button magnet for down-force. Also there is another pocket for an additional, or alternately placing the included button magnet in front of the motor. On our Carrera, Artin and most recently Scalextric Sport tracks, we like to include an additional magnet in this front pocket. This really helps pin this car down, and still provides a smooth, quiet drive without too much magnet. A bar magnet was not included in the package.

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