Thursday, October 7, 2010

Revell Monogram Chaparral 2 Road America June Sprints 1965

Jim Hall's Chaparral 2A race car. This innovative rear-engined design was driven to victory in 7 races in 1964 and 16 more races in 1965 by Jim Hall and Hap Sharp including the '65 12 Hours of Sebring.

 Chaparral 1963 - 1964

"In 1962, we formed Chaparral Cars and started work on our rear-engine car," said Hall.  "As far as I am concerned, the car that Hap and I began work on in the summer of 1962 was the first real Chaparral.  When we built that car we wanted to incorporate all of the best principles of the most competitive cars of the time.  We visited a number of aerospace companies to see what their methods of construction were.  We were lucky to come across Andy Green who, at that time, worked for General Dynamics.  He was the one who built the first semi-monocoque fiberglass chassis for us.  We started testing in the middle of 1963.  After several engine/tranny combinations, we settled on the 327-cid Chevy engine and Colotti gearbox.  We debut the car at the October 1963 Times Grand Prix at Riverside.  In the mid-60's era, no other race was more prestigious sports car race in the world.  Fielding world class cars and drivers, it would afford us a good chance to evaluate where we were with the car."

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