Friday, October 8, 2010

Revell Monogram '64 Corvette Grand Sport #2 Sebring

"Americans do not like to be second best, be it in a space race or an auto race. Both are not individual, but rather national contests..."
Zora Arkus Duntov, April 1962

In 1962, Corvette sales of the C2 were nearly 15,000 units a year, Zora Arkus Duntov - GM's Chief engineer for the Corvette, initiated the design and construction of a racing Corvette that would be more potent, faster than, and eventually beat the Shelby Cobras, Ferraris and Ford GT-40s.

The timing was perfect with a new Grand Touring class of production-based cars setup by the Fédération International de l'automobile - the governing body of world motor sport.

The "Light Corvette" known as the Grand Sport was one of the most powerful cars of it's time with 550 hp at 6,400 rpm produced from a 377 cubic-inch small block engine and four 58 mm Weber carburetors.
Revell pack their models well. The boxes are low and clear, protected by a card cover. 
They arrive very clean with a flawless paint finish. The tampo graphics are good due to the contrast of the metallic like paint job we know as "Cadillac Blue"

Differences between the #65 Nassau '63 and #2 Sebring '64, is the hood on the #2 car which have extra vents.  The '63 car had overheating problems apart from fuel starvation on cornering due to G-forces acting on the Weber carbs.
The tires give off a really strong odor of moulded rubber.
The #2 car is missing the red racing roof light. The side-pipes are more substantial than the Cobra Daytona's.  Impressive.

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