Friday, October 8, 2010

NINCO 50196 AC Cobra Greenwood #23 Slot Car 1/32 RARE

Left in little doubt that the Cobra needed further development, Shelby American decided to bow out of the World Manufacturer's Championship until the FIA circus ventured Stateside again for the Bridgehampton 500km on September 14th 1963. However, this self-imposed exile did not prevent it from helping AC Cars and privateer Ed Hugus with their entries for the 1963 Le Mans 24-hours. The right-hand drive British car 'CSX 2131' (like its left-hand drive American counterpart 'CSX 2142') incorporated a number of lessons learnt from the Works 'Sebring' Cobras. Thus, its specification included a 37-gallon fuel tank, 'FIA' bonnet scoop, flared wheelarches, full-width roll bar, striated front wing side vents and rack and pinion steering. Finished in light metallic green with black leather upholstery, CSX 2131 - or '39 PH' as it would soon be nicknamed - was powered by a Shelby American supplied, 289ci V8 racing engine mated to a four-speed Borg-Warner T10 gearbox.

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