Monday, January 24, 2011

Enzo's Garage Featuring Sal's Sonoma Valley Raceway, California

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Sal's Sonoma Valley Raceway, Sonoma, California

Evolution of a 57 foot track
Mario's Slot.It Ferrari 312 PB

This is our Friday night track, thanks to Sal's donation of space.  Built from 3 1/2 sheets of 4X8 ply on 2X6 X10 rails underneath supported by saw horses, Scalextric track and Scalextrics lap counters, and guard rails.  Sal built the skid pads from foamcore which gave an extra area for the car's tails to slide out.  Sal also came up with the best system of protection for the valuable model racers.  

Normally at any tracks curves from a fast straight, (and The Sonoma Valley Raceway, straigtaway is FAST), your car is off the track if you're unable to maintain discipline, ego and testosterone.  

Your cars are off to concrete destruction, no longer destined to the Royalty of the Shelf Queen.  Fuggetaboutit!  Al's clean system was to hang sheets from the ceiling hugging the curves total area radius and it acts like a gentle net that catches errant and off guard wannabe Zen masters who get distracted in a race.   

Sal's ingenious model car racer saviour device - '2 sheets to the wind'
  The track is about 57 feet with a challenging 'S' track that tears cars up if not set up right.  The straight track is about 23 feet long and is a satisfying experience gunning the gas.  The track record is 3.5 seconds held by Mario's Slot.It Ferrari 312PB in the photo above.

Scale Miles Per Hour, SMPH = over 300mph!
Lola T70's barreling down Riverside Raceway

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