Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage Scalextric Tri-Ang

Tri-ang - Made in England - COOPER MM/C.66
Enzo's Garage at

The 60's
In the beginning of 1960 the metal cars were replaced by plastic models. In 1963 the track type was changed from rubber to plastic. The plastic track with a new attachment system is still in use today.
Scalextric offered a wide range of models, such as Maserati 250F GP, Ferrari GP, Bentley 4.5 and Aston Martin GT. Not only cars were available in 1963, but also motor bikes with sidecars and Go-karts.
Slot car racing became very popular during the sixties. Tri-ang Toys opened factories in France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. Scalextric was not the only company that offered 1/32 scale models. About six other slot car companies were active at that time.

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