Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scalextric 1960 Cooper Climax T53 No 10

Bruce McLaren raced the 1960 Copper Climax No 10 T53. 
The car was fitted with an in-line four 2462cc capacity engine with double overhead camshafts, a 5 speed gearbox with a dry 2 plate clutch. The chassis was a space-frame construction, with coil springs and cast magnesium alloy wheels.  McLaren was teammate to Jack Brabham, the 1959 and 1960 World Champion.

Featuring rear mounted, in line motor. Fine detail wheels. Fine treaded tyres.
Quick change braid plate.

Dimensions & Configuration
Car: Overall length 115 mm, Wheelbase 70mm, Weight 48 gm
Rear: Axle width 49 mm, Tyre diameter 22 mm, Width 7 mm
Front: Axle width 44mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 6 mm
Magnet: Dot 2.5 mm, Gear ratio 09:27 
Motor: In-Line Rear Mounted 2 wheel drive Mabuchi FF, 18k rpm 


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